18th & I

A brief log of our restoration of the house at 18th & I Street.

We’ve had a busy past few weekends. With a little extra time off, there was time made to work on the inside of the house. While we were working on that, the old grainery and corn cribs got a slight makeover.

Both buildings had seen better days. There were holes in each of their respective roofs that needed to be taken care of before the inside was ever touched. The corn crib was first and on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, a cute little dumpster arrived and was plopped right in front of the corn crib.

On Friday, the roofers arrived to start the demo of the old roof. Most of the boards were in pretty bad shape, so they had to be replaced. The roofers made a quick job of tearing the old shingles off and filling the “cute” dumpster in a single day.

More in the next post, since Tumblr doesn’t like to add more than 10 photos at a time.

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