18th & I

A brief log of our restoration of the house at 18th & I Street.

Starting a task that we had hoped would be done well before Christmas Eve party planning started was the mudroom. Part of the issue is that it has served as a dumping ground for tools, hats, coats, mail and whatever else we were carrying when we got in the house. There were already hooks on the wall and a cabinet that matched the kitchen cabinets, but it wasn’t what Julie wanted. Also, the vinyl flooring wasn’t a good match. Here’s what we started with:

See how my Carhartt coat is hanging by a nail in the wall? Yeah, not classy. So, I cleaned up all the crap and moved the cabinets to the garage. Took a demo pry bar to the baseboard on one side and was left with this:

After prying up a corner, I realized that this stuff was there to stay. The vinyl wasn’t coming off without a fight. So, out came the trusty wallpaper steamer that doesn’t work at all on wallpaper. It does, however, work for taking off old paper backing from vinyl floors (which we have a lot of.)

Notice how think this stuff was? What a pain.

After tearing it all off, (at 8 - 10 hours total) I started on the new VCT. Of course it isn’t a direct match to the older stuff that I had, even though it was the same brand/model. Oh well.

I also decided to take down the boards supporting the coat hooks. Whoops. Looks like the liquid nails really liked the face of the drywall, as they came together in a package deal.

Either way, floor was done and now I’m ready to move on to the next step. Building a bench!

To our surprise, they decided to frame and pour concrete today. Not that I’m complaining, but odd to see on such a cold day. Especially since it snowed earlier this week…

Framed up and painted, finally. All of the raising girders are taken out and it’s pretty much there. Concrete for the center should be in the spring once it warms up a bit…

Looks like Fred has the bottom is all framed up now…

More progress on the concrete. Slab is poured! They’re not happy with how quickly it’s NOT drying, but other than that, it looks good. As long as the cat and kids can stay off of it, that is.

Day three: Footings are going in to pour the concrete for the base of the other side. The truck should be here this afternoon and I’ll get some new shots.

We’re way behind on updates (since it’s been almost a year, and we’ve done quite a bit). Since the last update was about re-roofing the corncrib, and almost a year later, the foundation is being redone, it seemed like the best time to post this up. The guys were out sawing and hammering for most of the day yesterday, and this is where they finished. Excited to see the progress, and exactly how they redo a foundation for a building without moving the building itself.

The “cute” dumpster wasn’t enough to hold all of the scrap. From the stuff that was cleaned out of the corn crib plus the roofing materials, we had to get a extra dumpster for the rest. A 30-yard dumpster was brought over on Sunday after Thanksgiving, just in time to hold all of the rest of the junk from the garage, greenhouse, corn crib, grainery and the rest of the stuff from the house.

We’ve had a busy past few weekends. With a little extra time off, there was time made to work on the inside of the house. While we were working on that, the old grainery and corn cribs got a slight makeover.

Both buildings had seen better days. There were holes in each of their respective roofs that needed to be taken care of before the inside was ever touched. The corn crib was first and on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, a cute little dumpster arrived and was plopped right in front of the corn crib.

On Friday, the roofers arrived to start the demo of the old roof. Most of the boards were in pretty bad shape, so they had to be replaced. The roofers made a quick job of tearing the old shingles off and filling the “cute” dumpster in a single day.

More in the next post, since Tumblr doesn’t like to add more than 10 photos at a time.

Guess what we discovered under the dining room carpet?